Sunday, 13 October 2013

Saraikistan is the region where all the soil is fertile and mineral riched.In this area,various crops especially Cotton,weat and Corn are cultivated.Agriculture is the main source of its Economy.There are many causes of  deprivations in this region.Some are:
1:Literacy rate is very low
2:Agriculture revenew is stolen from this region every year,
3:No development,
4:Poor Educational system,
5:Only Four Medical institutions in whole region,while, in contrast,Lahore has Six Medical institutions,
6:No vacancies for saraiki people in the Punjab Secteriate,

Above these are the serious matters of Saraiki people,our nations always remained ignore by the Government.So,we demand the government,that they should immediatly take serious steps.We always continue our peacefull struggle.

Saraiki Deprivations

We Want Freedom From The Brutality of Punjabiasm.We Want our own Educational Institutions including Medical Colleges.We Want our own rights.